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While I always try to write books so they can be read as standalones, I do understand how readers work and how they want to read “in order”.

If you’re one of those readers, here is a handy list of release order:

Covey U

The Draft
Brother's Best Friend


Swipe Me
Friends with Benefits


The Secret Assist
Enemies to Lovers

Miss Me
Second Chance

Hate Me
Enemies to Lovers

Teach Me
Tutoring the Player

Keep Me
Friends to Lovers

Pick Me
Brother's Teammate

South Point Prep

The Quarterback Sneak
Fake Dating, Bet

The False Start
Second Chance

Carolina Catfish

The Mascot
Insta Love, Guy Obsessed

The Balk
Enemies to Lovers

The Rookie
Reverse Age Gap


A Quarterback for Christmas
Coach's Daughter

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