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A Quarterback for Christmas

Getting stuck in a snowstorm at Christmas is one thing. Living with the guy I hate is another.

Being the coach’s daughter, it’s only natural for me to hate his biggest obsession… Drew McCallister, the up-and-coming Quarterback at St. Michael’s. We were never supposed to get along, let alone spend time together. But then the great storm of Hope, Indiana, happened, and an injury forced me into Drew’s home in the worst possible way.

He became my reluctant carer, and I became his unwilling patient. It was torture until it wasn’t. One innocent dinner led to a very questionable bath and feelings I could not ignore.

Kissing the quarterback was my first mistake. My second was falling for him, knowing it could only lead to disaster. But who could have predicted that the blizzard would create one almighty s***tstorm that neither of us could recover from?

What will Bella do when her father and the rest of the college discover she's been secretly dating the star player she’s supposed to hate?

Paperback & Hardback
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Easter Egg Connections

Bella and Aster from Teach Me have the same roommate.

Insta Famous Sam Taylor from The Mascot tries to date Drew.

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