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The Rookie

Rookie. Noun: Beginner, recruit. Especially a first-year player in a professional sport.

Yup, that’s me. Austin Adams, the newest third basemen for the Carolina Catfish and a Rookie… in every sense of the word. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been past third base plenty of times in the minors but heading to the big leagues is a different beast. One I’ve never even tried to conquer.

In walks the girl of my dreams. Mia James. Beauty personified with the compassion to match. Only problem, she has a little boy and more problems than I can count – Ergo, she wants nothing to do with a rookie like me.
Too bad I’ve set my sights on her. Now she’s going to find out why I’m the top prospect for Rookie of the Year.

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Fun Things!

Adams Hoodie.jpeg

Austin Adams

Catfish Sweatshirt

Adams shirt.jpeg

Austin Adams


Carolina Catfish Mugs.jpeg

Carolina Catfish


Sorenson Can Cooler.jpeg

Carolina Catfish

Can Cooler

What's Your Next Read?

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Easter Eggs

Hayden from Miss Me mentions Austin because they grew up in the same town

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