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Teach Me

Tutor the arrogant jock who called me a jersey chaser? Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Tanner Joyce wasn't exactly exceptional to me, but the student body seemed to believe he was the pride and joy of the football team.
He could do no wrong, and I was intent on staying away from arrogant athletes after last time.
Only problem - After insulting me in the library, he had his sights squarely on me.
I didn't want to help him, but when he offered me everything I'd need to fulfill my sick mom's dreams, I couldn't exactly refuse.

What will Aster do when she realizes Tanner isn't what she expected?

Paperback & Hardback
Special Editions

Fun Things!


Tanner Joyce

Covey U Sweatshirt

Tanner Joyce

Spiralbound Notebook

Covey U Kiss Cut


Covey U Mug

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Easter Eggs

Austin (The Rookie) grew up in the same town as Aster, and she mentions him

Aster and Bella (A Quarterback for Christmas) had the same roommate, Marissa, in college.

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